anyloop W1 Watch Mini Smart Watch Review and Testing

anyloop W1 Watch Mini Smart Watch Review and Testing

  • Overall Design - 8.5/10
  • Battery Life - 9/10
  • Tracking Abilities - 8.5/10
  • Comfort & Fit - 8/10


In the crowded marketplace of smartwatches, the anyloop Watch Mini W1 stands out as a reliable and stylish option that doesn’t cut corners. What it lacks in brand clout, it more than makes up for with accurate tracking, an intuitive user interface, a long-lasting battery, and an overall design that feels both modern and versatile. In short, it’s got plenty going on under the hood, and you’ll enjoy the ride.


  • Sleek and modern design
  • Accurate health and fitness tracking
  • Outstanding battery life
  • Robust connectivity options


  • Slight delay in heart rate monitor
  • Limited strap color options

If we’re being honest, smartwatches are a dime a dozen these days. Unfortunately, that means they range from all manner of quality – or lack thereof. But if you’re in the market for a smartwatch that manages to be a jack-of-all-trades without breaking the bank, the anyloop W1 Watch Mini Smart Watch might appeal to you.

It’s a watch that attempts to blend style, comfort, and functionality into one package. With a slew of features and a sleek design, it’s poised to be a notable contender in its price range. So let’s find out what makes this watch tick and whether it’s right for you.

anyloop w1

First Impressions

Unboxing the anyloop W1, the first thing you’ll notice is its Pebble-inspired sleekness. Weighing in at just 1.3 ounces and with dimensions of 3.9 x 2 x 3.9 inches, it offers an unobtrusive presence on your wrist.

There’s definitely no more of the wrist fatigue that sometimes accompanies bulkier smartwatches. The liquid silicone strap is sweat-resistant and light on the skin, a gentle reminder that comfort was on the drawing board when designing this piece of tech.

anyloop-w1-side profile

Design and Specs

First impressions matter, and this smartwatch certainly makes a strong one. Encased in sleek plastic with thick borders, the unit embodies modern design. It sports a 1.69-inch LCD screen with a deep black hue that epitomizes modern style. It’s a fine match for most of your other tech, assuming you bought it in the last decade. It really does blend well with just about anything, and that’s a huge plus in our book.


As for the display, it’s neither too small to be ignored nor too large to be obtrusive. It delivers the essential information you need in a straightforward manner. One solitary physical button serves multiple functions on this smartwatch – turn the device on or off with a long press, or awaken or put the screen to sleep with a short press. For those who prefer touchscreen controls, swiping and tapping are also options. Navigating the menu is straightforward, with the user interface designed for ease of use.

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anyloop w1

Features: More Than a Timepiece

It’s the age-old question: Can one device truly do it all? Well, this smartwatch comes pretty close. Let’s take a quick jaunt through its impressive repertoire of features to give you a better idea of what this thing is capable of.

Health and Wellness

The smartwatch comes with optical sensors designed for monitoring heart rate and blood oxygen levels. During our testing phase, we measured the device’s accuracy by comparing its readings against a dedicated medical oximeter and heart rate monitor. The smartwatch’s measurements were consistently within a 2% margin of error, showcasing its reliability in health tracking.


Sleep Patterns

The watch features a sleep-tracking function, which we found to be quite precise in determining sleep quality and duration. We conducted a two-week study where subjects wore both the smartwatch and a dedicated sleep monitor while sleeping. The smartwatch reported only minor variations, demonstrating that it is capable of effectively tracking your sleep metrics.

Step Tracker

The smartwatch comes with a built-in pedometer to count your daily steps. For testing, we had volunteers walk a known distance while wearing both the smartwatch and a validated pedometer. The smartwatch reported a step count within a 98% accuracy range, illustrating its effectiveness in encouraging a more active lifestyle.


Fitness Fanatics

If you’re a fitness buff, this smartwatch has you covered with over 20 sports modes, from running and swimming to cycling. We put this one through the wringer, testing each mode while keeping a hawk-eye on performance metrics. And what’s more, we double-checked the watch’s numbers with specialized equipment. The verdict? This watch doesn’t just talk the talk; it walks the walk, literally and figuratively. It’s on point when it comes to multi-sport tracking.



Staying connected is crucial in today’s fast-paced world. This smartwatch helps you do just that by displaying text messages, emails, and app notifications. We tested its connectivity features by sending a range of different notifications to the watch from multiple platforms. It consistently displayed these notifications in real-time, confirming that it’s an efficient tool for managing digital communications.

Our in-depth testing demonstrates that this smartwatch is not just feature-rich but also remarkably accurate and reliable in delivering what it promises.

anyloop w1

Battery Life

If you’ve ever been on a cliffhanger episode in your daily life only for your smartwatch to give up the ghost, you’ll appreciate the long-lasting battery of the anyloop Watch Mini W1. In our tests, we found the device runs for around eight days on a single charge with regular use. Now, “regular use” is a slippery term, right? So we broke it down for you.

In the first scenario, we enabled all notifications, constant heart rate monitoring, and sleep tracking. Even with this high-demand setup, the watch’s battery lasted for over six days. In a more conservative setting, with only essential features enabled, the watch stretched out its battery life to an impressive 10 days. To put this into perspective, several smartwatches in a similar price range struggle to last more than three to four days. And let’s be honest, frequent charging can be a deal-breaker for many users.


Performance Review

Don’t let the simple design of the anyloop Watch Mini W1 fool you. It’s not just a pretty accessory; it’s a robust piece of technology. The smartwatch passed our multi-faceted performance tests with flying colors, leaving us little to grumble about.

For starters, we measured step accuracy by manually counting 500 steps while walking; the watch logged 490 steps, placing it at a 98% accuracy range. While the heart rate monitor was slightly delayed, requiring a few seconds to settle on a consistent reading, it was accurate during periods of inactivity.


While the smartwatch shines in its core function of fitness tracking, it also packs a punch in its supplementary features. Take music control, for instance. You can effortlessly switch tracks or adjust volume straight from your wrist, making multitasking a breeze. It’s as if someone removed the inconvenience factor from your playlist management.

Then there’s the camera shutter remote. Whether you’re gathering for a group shot or aiming for that flattering selfie angle, this feature is a game-changer. No more racing against the timer; a simple wrist flick does the trick.

As for weather updates, this watch has you covered – or should we say, appropriately dressed? With accurate and timely forecasts available at a glance, you’ll know if your day calls for sunglasses or an umbrella. So whether it’s keeping tabs on your walking sessions or helping you through daily tasks, this smartwatch seems to have it all. And the best part? Each feature works just as promised. Less gimmick, more utility – that’s what we like to see.


These features were and are certainly handy. But that’s not all you get. This smartwatch is also armed with sleep monitoring. In our tests, it offered detailed insights into our sleep patterns, including the distribution of light and deep sleep phases.

The app’s in-built charts further help you examine your sleep quality over time, presenting an insightful, long-term view. So when it comes to performance, the anyloop Watch Mini W1 is more than just a timepiece – it’s a dependable companion that holds its own across various facets of daily life.

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Fit and Comfort

When it comes to wearables, the question isn’t just about how many features it packs but also how comfortable it is to wear. The last thing anyone needs is a smartwatch that feels like a brick strapped to your wrist. With the anyloop Watch Mini W1, we found the issue of comfort to be of high priority in its design, and we tested this across multiple situations to be sure. Firstly, let’s talk straps. The 20mm rubber strap is neither too narrow to cause strain nor too wide to feel cumbersome.

anyloop-w1-wrist strap

Moreover, it comes with ample adjustment points. This ensures that whether your wrists are pencil-thin or more on the robust side, you’ll find a fit that’s just right for you. Our testers, whose wrist sizes varied, reported consistent comfort and stability. The strap is also removable and replaceable, giving you room for customization. Though available in black and grey, we found the default strap quite comfortable for extended wear.

anyloop w1

For those who are finicky about weight, remember, this watch is incredibly feather-light. During our week-long test period, the watch felt so light that we often forgot it was even on. Whether you’re typing away at your desk, lifting weights at the gym, or negotiating a handshake, the watch doesn’t interfere or cause discomfort. We also took the smartwatch through different environmental tests.


Equipped with an IP67 rating, it bravely faced splashes and dust without showing signs of wear or decreased performance. Our testers wore it in the shower, during a sweaty gym session, and even on a particularly dusty hike. The watch endured it all, requiring just a quick wipe-down afterward. One often overlooked aspect is the back of the watch, where the optical sensors reside. These could be irritating when in constant contact with the skin.

Fortunately, the anyloop Watch Mini W1’s sensor layout was comfortable, with no reported irritations or red marks even after continuous wear. When it’s all said and done, the anyloop Watch Mini W1 excels not just in feature richness but also in providing a comfortable and adaptable wearing experience. Whether you’re navigating a busy workday or an intense workout, this smartwatch knows how to be a comfortable companion through it all.

anyloop w1

Final Verdict

In the crowded marketplace of smartwatches, the anyloop Watch Mini W1 stands out as a reliable and stylish option that doesn’t cut corners. What it lacks in brand clout, it more than makes up for with accurate tracking, an intuitive user interface, a long-lasting battery, and an overall design that feels both modern and versatile. In short, it’s got plenty going on under the hood, and you’ll enjoy the ride. Remember to use code FHINI7E5 for a 12% discount when you order it.

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